Image of A Mother's Joy Figurine

A Mother's Joy Figurine

A Mother's Joy Figurine - Crafted of hand-painted resin in soft pastels this figurine of a mother holding her child is a touching testament to maternal love. The phrase 'Mother: All love begins and ends there' is etched onto the figurine's dress.

Price: $29.97 from Lenox

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Lenox Logo A Mother's Joy Figurine $29.97

Image of Ariel Figurine

Ariel Figurine

Ariel Figurine - A statue of Ariel the mermaid stands in Copenhagen Denmark where Hans Christian Andersen famously penned her tale. Nearly a century later the story of Ariel inspired a generation of children when it was brought to the silver screen. Crafted in Ivory Porcelain with 24-karat gold accents this is an essential piece of the Disney Princess Collectibles.

Image of Moana and Pet Pua Figurine

Moana and Pet Pua Figurine

Moana and Pet Pua Figurine - From Disney's 'Moana' princess Moana and her pet Pua are featured in this hand-painted ceramic figurine. Moana strikes a dignified pose in her iconic orange-white island wear and holds her spotted pet pig Pua.

Image of Rooster Figurine

Rooster Figurine

Rooster Figurine - He's the ruler of the roost the king of the barnyard. The noble rooster. In Rooster this robust bird is portrayed in a sculpture so lifelike you can almost hear his cock-a-doodle-doo. The crafting is exceptional with every detail beautifully captured in ivory fine china. His red comb and wattle orange and rust breast and wings and long green tail feathers all painted by hand.